Friday, November 18, 2011

11-0105 Agate with Sterling Necklace

 These delicious dyed agate slices are paired with rectangular hematite beads, and little silver seed beads. The focal is a slab of sterling that comes from a spoon. It has been flattened, shaped and reticulated. The irregular shape purposely imitates that of the agate slices. Two little hematite and pink stones were added.

The clasp (upper left) is a bar and toggle, also made from a sterling spoon.

Cost $55.00 CDN includes GST but not shipping.

11-0104 Sterling Spoon Bracelet

This is a solid sterling silver cuff type bracelet with a silver plated magnetic clasp.

The bracelet is made with the handles of 2 sterling spoons.

There is a small lobster clasp that attaches to any loop on the bracelet, adding a little jazz............1 sterling star, and 3 Swarovsky stars.

Cost  $75.00 CDN includes gst but not shipping

Monday, October 24, 2011

Multiple Items

11-0094 Smoky quartz tusks with citrine nuggets  / magnetic clasp / silk knotted necklace

11-0093 Blue and green turquoise slabs / stainless steel necklace

11-0095 Clear and rose quartz necklace with sterling clasp

11-0097 Turquoise colored tusks with sterling tusk (silver spoon handle), silver chain, sterling clasp (silver spoon with DREAM stamp) / silk knotted necklace

11-0096 Blue crazy lace agate / clear quartz / argentium clasp / silk knotted necklace
Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions on these items.
They are all for sale.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Multiple Items

11-0088 Lariat with Grade A Citrines

11-0089 Long copper / smokey quartz necklace

11-0090 Smokey quartz earrings - similar but different

11-0092 Smokey quartz earrings

Please feel free to e-mail me at magpiechat with any questions.

Multiple Items

11-0083 copper / sterling storm cloud necklace
11-0084 sterling bat riveted to bronze moon necklace

11-0085 copper mouth/sterling fangs/ruby blood drop necklace

-0086 bronze pierced lizard / smoky quartz beads knotted on silk cord necklace
11-0087 heat stained copper earrings

Please feel free to contact me at for any information on any of these items.

Monday, October 17, 2011

11-0083 Green Amber and Sterling Eye Necklace

A green amber tear drop was set on a sterling silver background made from an old spoon. The picture top right shows how I pierced the spoon to give eye-like detail when viewed from the front.

A bronze eyebrow was forged and then soldered above the amber. 2 little tube rivets were fashioned and installed. These are used to attach the eye to the hand made silver and bronze slider bead by silver chains.

The necklace that holds the slider assembly is made of 3 leather laces knotted and finished with sterling ends/rings. A big sterling lobster clas and another pierced spoon provide the means of securing the necklace around your neck.

a small piece of scrap sterling is sanded and stamped "MO" (Magpie Obsessions) and attached to the ring holding the spoon finding.

COST $125.00 includes GST but not shipping

Saturday, October 15, 2011

11-0081 Sterling Pendant

This is a sterling silver ring pendant that has been pounded flat on one side. A little carnelian bead has been post set on the lower inside curve. This simple pendant hangs from a 16" sterling chain.

Cost $45.00 includes gst but not shipping

Saturday, July 9, 2011

11-0070 Yellow Viking Knit Bracelet

The yellow viking knit holds a sterling lined glass bead while 2 black and 1 white agate rings float freely around it.

The yellow eyeball beads at each end help hold the black leafy chain.

The bracelet is held onto the wrist with an organic base metal bar and toggle and safety chain.

Length 7.75"

cost $45.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

11-0068 Green Viking Knit Necklace

There is nothing serious about this piece!

It was designed aroung the green viking knit. Black and silver base metal chains, beads, end caps and side bar and toggle connector hold it all together. Orange eyeball beads, green borosilicate glass donuts and 3 multi color cane beads make this a rainbow's delight.

26" long

cost $40.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

11-0067 Stainless Steel Bubble Chainmaille

A handmade stainless bubble chainmaille necklace made special with purple and blue anodized aluminum spoke nipples and coordinating  "Mardigras" beads.

17" long

Cost $33.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

11-0066 Purple Titanium Chainmaille Bracelet

This crazy little bracelet is pure fun, right from the hand made purple titanium bubble chainmaille with the tiniest lettle green/purple drops to the little purple eyeballs at each end of the chain.

A big green teardrop anchors the piece, which is completed with a base metal bar/toggle/safety chain.

Length 7"

Cost $27.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

Monday, July 4, 2011

SSH161 - Recycled Sterling Collar

Every once in a while I find a piece at a flea market that I want to tackle. Enter this sterling silver collar.
They used to be popular, and were always stylish. The problem with them was that they always broke due to the owner opening and closing them to put them on and off.

To prevent that from happening, I took this "found" sterling silver collar and forged the ends into outward curves. A chain was attached to one curve with a handmade rivet with an eye. At the end of the chain I attached a hand made bar. A hand made toggle is attached to the opposite curve with a similar rivet and eye. Little gobs of rose gold alloy were flattened, sanded, and randomly soldered on to the collar, just because ;)

This design allows the piece to be worn as a collar without the unnecessary opening and closing of the collar itself, which causes weak spots and eventually breakages.

Cost $75.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

11-0064 Sterling and Glass Bead Earrings

These earrings are a simple, hand-assembly project.

I found these cute little beads online. They are clear yellow with little orange/white swooshy things and sterling hole liners.

I made some simple shepherd's hooks (bending, forging and sanding sterling wire), and dangled the beads off the hooks with sterling chain.

The little top bead is base metal, and completes this easy summer look.

1.5" long

$20.00 cdn includes gst but not shipping/handling

11-0063 Argentium Apostrophe Earrings

Anybody who know me knows how anal I am about grammar and punctuation.

I have always threatened to gather all of the apostrophes in the world and ration them out to those who use them correctly. HA!

Here, I have gathered, or rather, created, 4 little argentium apostrophes to dangle from your ears. They were then hammered and punctuated with random little periods (dots). From each set is the most exquisite little pale green onion cut high quality zircon.

Worn in a pair, they can also be used to replace the dreaded "finger quotes".....HA again!

Each apostrophe is 1" long, making each earring hang about 2.5" from the piercing.

$75.00 cdn includes gst but not shipping/handling

11-0062 Argentium Wiggle Necklace

Little argentium tadpole-like thingees wiggle quietly around your neck.

Wear it alone as the main star, or wear it with another piece as the co-star.

35" loop with no clasp

$110.00 cdn includes gst but not shipping/handling 

11-0061 Argentium and Borosilicate Bracelet

What makes this piece a little unusual is that, not only are different sized links used, and not only are the links warped, but each link is fused with the bead on.

Each bead is a funky little borosilicate clear glass donut with a razzley citrus green centre.

The clasp is an oversized sterling lobster claw for safety and easy of putting on.

a short 7.5" long

$125.00 cdn includes gst but not shipping/handling

11-0060 Sterling Cubes and Squares Necklace

This sterling necklace calmly states "one of a kind".

While all of my creations are hand-somethingorother, this one is obviously different. It is made from square sterling wire. Each piece was made by hand without the use of a jig of any kind. This is evident in the slight irregularities that make it special.

It's one thing to design with components. It's a totally other thing to fabricate components before inflicting them into a design. Each little square and cube has its own mojo!

32" long

$175.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

11-0058 Sterling Spoon Necklace

 This necklace is what I call "hand assembled" as I really did not make any of the components, except for the stone wire wrapped connectors.

A sterling silver spoon was "dismembered" by separating the handle and mouth piece. Then, I annealed the handle to soften the metal so I could bend it. Both pieces sere sanded to eliminate any sharp points that may scratch or snag, and then tumbled to a high shine.

A small, inconspicuous sterling chain was attached to each end of the rose twig handle, completing the necklace without competing with the twig and leaf.

3 small, high grade tear drop faceted citrines were dangled inside the curve of the leaf to sparkle and intrigue.

19.5" long

$65.00 cdn includes gst but not shipping/handling

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

11-0057 Sterling and Swarovsky Bracelet

This bracelet started off with 6" of commercial sterling bubble (rings off links) chain.
I hand heated, soldered and forged each little pin that connect the "jewels" to the chain, as well as the toggle/bar connector. Then the small and large silver beads, navy swarovsky crystals, and white glass beads were randomly added with a neat and forged twist of the pin.
The final element is a small commercial sterling silver safety chain.
This would be fun with a pair of jeans, or fabulous putting on the glitz!

7.5" long
$200.00 cdn includes gst, but not shipping/handling