Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fade Aventurine Necklace #11-0054


The star of this necklace is a faceted and polished aventurine stone that fades from peach to yellow. Peachy/rust Czech crystals topped with little yellow picots are beaded from the peach end of the stone, while various flower/magatama/drop beads in yellow hues dance from the yellow end. The assymetrical design is completed with chains of silver and copper, ending in a silver colored bar/toggle fastener.

20.5 "

Cost $60.00 includes GST but not shipping.

Please contact me if you require any more information on this piece.

Viking Knit Bracelet #11-0052

Wear it with blue jeans for stampede! This copper viking knit bracelet is paired with a chain holding a fire agate and adorned with a littly navy blue Swarovsky bead dangle.

7.5" long

Cost $25.00 includes GST but not shipping.

Contace me if you wish to purchase or need some more information on this piece.

Silk Kumihimo #11-0050

This necklace's main strand is soft grey bamboo kumihimo laced with funky black borosilicate glass teardrops. Accompanying that is a strand of black and a strand of silver chain. The silver chain is sprinkled with Swarovsky and Czech crystals. Two large antiqued silver end caps hold them all together, and attach them to a toggle and bar closure.

24" long

price $ 65.00 includes GST but not shipping

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this item.

Large Link Bronze Choker #11-0056

Each link in this piece was cut from a sheet of bronze. It was then filed and sanded so the edges were smooth and rounded for comfort. Every 2nd link was sawn, attached to 2 full links, and then soldered and resanded. The hook was fashioned to be inconspicuous while maintaining the overall shape of the links.

This piece is edgey and elegant at the same time.

17.5 " long

Cost $65.00 includes GST but not shipping. 

Feel free to contace me about this choker.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bronze Footprint Item # 11-0049

 This funky little necklace is 19 inches long. The bronze foot is 2" x 1.5", and it serves as the loop of this lariat necklace. I cut this by hand from a piece of bronze. I then sanded inside and outside edges to make it comfortable against the skin.
The little agate nuggets have been dyed with various blue/green hues and have been "pearl knotted" between each, to give the necklace a nice "hand".
 The toggle on this lariate is a cluster of stones and Swarovsky crystals on blue titanium rings. The last dangle is a cute little Swarovsky crab in gold tone.
As with all of my pieces, this is a one of a kind, so when it is gone, it is gone!

Cost   $55.00 This includes GST, but not shipping.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, please contact me.

Cross for Andrew

Our nephew, Andrew, is a most loveable young man with a heap of potential and ambition. He is a master tiler who comes complete with a keen eye for aethetics and detail, and has a work ethic that is admirable for someone his age. When he asked me to make a cross pendant for him, I was both honored and apprehensive. After all, despite the rocky road that he travels, I really admire and love him, and I do not want to disappoint him. It is for that very reason that I shy away from custom requests.

With metal, saw, and solder, this was what I came up with:
copper cross soldered onto bronze back plate
and then riveted with sterling rivets
copper bail soldered onto back
leather cord with slip knots