Saturday, July 9, 2011

11-0070 Yellow Viking Knit Bracelet

The yellow viking knit holds a sterling lined glass bead while 2 black and 1 white agate rings float freely around it.

The yellow eyeball beads at each end help hold the black leafy chain.

The bracelet is held onto the wrist with an organic base metal bar and toggle and safety chain.

Length 7.75"

cost $45.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

11-0068 Green Viking Knit Necklace

There is nothing serious about this piece!

It was designed aroung the green viking knit. Black and silver base metal chains, beads, end caps and side bar and toggle connector hold it all together. Orange eyeball beads, green borosilicate glass donuts and 3 multi color cane beads make this a rainbow's delight.

26" long

cost $40.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

11-0067 Stainless Steel Bubble Chainmaille

A handmade stainless bubble chainmaille necklace made special with purple and blue anodized aluminum spoke nipples and coordinating  "Mardigras" beads.

17" long

Cost $33.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

11-0066 Purple Titanium Chainmaille Bracelet

This crazy little bracelet is pure fun, right from the hand made purple titanium bubble chainmaille with the tiniest lettle green/purple drops to the little purple eyeballs at each end of the chain.

A big green teardrop anchors the piece, which is completed with a base metal bar/toggle/safety chain.

Length 7"

Cost $27.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

Monday, July 4, 2011

SSH161 - Recycled Sterling Collar

Every once in a while I find a piece at a flea market that I want to tackle. Enter this sterling silver collar.
They used to be popular, and were always stylish. The problem with them was that they always broke due to the owner opening and closing them to put them on and off.

To prevent that from happening, I took this "found" sterling silver collar and forged the ends into outward curves. A chain was attached to one curve with a handmade rivet with an eye. At the end of the chain I attached a hand made bar. A hand made toggle is attached to the opposite curve with a similar rivet and eye. Little gobs of rose gold alloy were flattened, sanded, and randomly soldered on to the collar, just because ;)

This design allows the piece to be worn as a collar without the unnecessary opening and closing of the collar itself, which causes weak spots and eventually breakages.

Cost $75.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling