Wednesday, September 5, 2012

12-074 Long Forged Sterling Earrings

3" long and super simple and light weight


12-073 Long Sterling and Calcedony Earrings

The length of these is a little extreme at 3.5", but the color and shape of the calcedony screams for something unusual.

Are you daring enough to wear them?

Charms, Charms, and More Charms

 12-064  A strip of recycled sterling has been heated and forged over and over again to create this open moon shape. I then heated the edges of the opening to melt and distort them. Swarovsky crystal stars, blue and white pearls, and assorted glass beads spill out of the moon as it dangles from a sterling clasp.

about 2 " long

12-065 - Small recycled sterling charm with gypsy set crystal and clasp and hanger.

about 1.5 "

12-066 - This copper tube has been beveled to hold a sterling chain and sterling findings to create a unique charm.

about 2"

12-067 - This charm was made by heating and forging a recycled spoon bowl over and over to create the leaf shape. The original inscriptions are still visible on the inside. Three tiny dark turquoise pearls dangle from sterling chain inside the leaf fold.

about 2.5"

12-068 - This dyed blue drusy set in sterling has been recycled into a charm.

about 1.25"
 12-069 - This dyed pink drusy set in sterling has been recycled into a charm.

about 1.75"
 12-070 - This blue faceted glass nugget was set in sterling and has been recycled into a charm.

about 1.25"
 12-071- This dyed pink drusy set in sterling has been recycled into a charm.

about 1"
12-072 This purple faceted glass nugget was set in sterling and has been recycled into a charm.

about 1.75"

12-063 Tall Aqua Cab in Downward Sterling Tube Pendant

Over 21 carats of a large, luscious aquamarine cabachon has been set in heavy sterling to hang upside down.

12-061 Pear Shaped Quartz Pendant

 A 1" long faceted rutilated quartz pear-shaped stone was set upside down (on purpose to expose light to the rutilation) on a pear-shaped sterling background with a pear-shaped bale.

total size 1/75" x 1"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

12-060 Sterling Bracelet with Borosilicate Glass Teardrops

8" of randomly sized sterling links
each hand made and soldered closed
no pattern
pretty little boro glass teardrops randomly placed along the length of the chain
sterling lobster claw
fits any size wrist up to 8"

12-059 Rutilated Quartz Coin Pendant with Chain


A 1/4" x 1" diameter rutilated quartz coin was set in a bezel and hung from an 18" sterling chain.


12-058 Wide Copper Cuff with Sterling Nugget

 This is one of my favorite creations so far.

I call it the elephant skin cuff.

It is very light weight, 2.25" wide, 6" long.

As well as fold forming, I also fused a sterling nugget to it, and gleefully "burned" the edges. The color is a result of all the processes used to develop it.


12-057 Wide Copper Fold Formed Cuff

 This cuff was created from a single sheet of copper.

It was heated and forged over and over until this shape appeared.

Fold forming is a very physical and labor intensive procedure, but the results are fabulous and very unique. It is impossible to duplicate each piece exactly.

This cuff is 6" around and 1/5" wide. It fits a 6" wrist comfortably

12-056 Copper Fold Formed Coil Bead

 This funky copper fold formed bead is about 2" long and 1.5" wide.

An example of how metal twists and reshapes itself with heat and pounding.......many, many times.

Wear alone on a leather cord or copper/gold colored chain for an interesting and organic look.

12-055 Wide Fold Formed Copper Bracelet

 A 2" x 6" piece of copper was fold formed to create this simple, yet stunning cuff.

Fold forming is a labor intensive technique that involves many steps of annealing the metal and forging it. This is done over and over again until the desired effect is achieved.

The sharp edges have been sanded away, but I chose to leave the matte reddish edge that appeared after the cleaning stage. Discovering the result of the many heating/cooling processes is always a wonder to me......a wonder that gives each piece its own personality as you never know exactly how each piece of metal will react.

This cuff ended up being 1.5" wide and 6" around, as the spine from the forging ate up the other 1/2 " in width.

It fits a 6" or smaller wrist.

12-054 Forged Copper Bracelet

Small but sturdy forged copper bracelet with a band of little "tracks" scampering along the edge.

Fits a 6" or smaller wrist.

12-053 Forged Copper and Bronze Bracelet

A forged band of bronze riveted to this 5" long forged copper bracelet completes the look.
It fits a wrist 6" or small, and can be easily formed to your wrist for max comfort.

12-052 Borosilicate Glass Hoop Earrings

 1.5" blue borosilicate glass hoops spin freely through small sterling rings which hang from sterling ear wires sporting round, crackled quartz beads

Overall length 2.75"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

12-051 Copper Etched Fluorite Earrings

Heat colored domes with a leaf vein etch dangle beneath fluorite nuggets.                                      
2.5 " long

12-050 Copper Etched Butterfly Earrings

A whisper of an etch of a butterly wing, colored by the natural chemistry of heat on copper. The stone is a simple citrine nugget. The earrings are embellished with tiny copper leaves.
2" long

Thursday, June 28, 2012