Monday, October 17, 2011

11-0083 Green Amber and Sterling Eye Necklace

A green amber tear drop was set on a sterling silver background made from an old spoon. The picture top right shows how I pierced the spoon to give eye-like detail when viewed from the front.

A bronze eyebrow was forged and then soldered above the amber. 2 little tube rivets were fashioned and installed. These are used to attach the eye to the hand made silver and bronze slider bead by silver chains.

The necklace that holds the slider assembly is made of 3 leather laces knotted and finished with sterling ends/rings. A big sterling lobster clas and another pierced spoon provide the means of securing the necklace around your neck.

a small piece of scrap sterling is sanded and stamped "MO" (Magpie Obsessions) and attached to the ring holding the spoon finding.

COST $125.00 includes GST but not shipping

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