Sunday, May 6, 2012

12-023 Solid Heart Charm

An old idea is new again.
This item was made with a technique that is new to me.........pouring molten sterling into a handmade charcoal mold.

This is a custom solid sterling silver charm with a gypsy set imitation amethyst and lobster clasw. The sterling lobster claw enables the owner to move it aroung to anything they wish..........necklace, bracelet, purse.


12-022 Tricolor Bracelet

This bracelet is 3 metals (sterling, copper, bronze) of the same guage twisted together and capped at each end with custom sterling pieces.
A little sterling spiral bead free floats around the bracelet without interfering with the comfort of the design.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

12-021 Stampede Dancing Boots Necklace

 A focal stone of turquoise is the link between a copper chain and dancing cowboy boots.

The main metal for this piece is copper, but the stars soldered onto the hand cut boots are sterling. The boots were also heat stained and stamped. Copper and black chains giggle around the boots, lending to the motion of the dance.

Several large rings are added to the neck chain to enable the wearer to shorten it, if necessary. 3 little rascally dangles of 3 turquoise beads each hang on one side of the necklace, just to add a tiny bit of something interesting.

Grab your pardner, girls! These boots were made to boogie!!

12-021 Stampede Earrings

Think blue jeans!

A substantial hunk of recycled sterling is prepared to dangle faded blue jean colored labradorite in various sizes and shapes. A couple of navy blue Swarovsky crystals hide amidst the beads, and 2 recycled sterling puffy stars punctuate the bottom of each piece. The wire wrapping is done with silver colored wire, but the rest is sterling, including the ear wires.

These are made to hang so that the beads peak out from behind the sterling down bar......dancing with each step you take.

A little bit of Stampede, a lot of fun!

12-020 Stampede Earrings

Hand assembled is not really hand made.

None the less, these earrings represent YAHOO in a dignified way.

Large, commercially made sterling cones are paired with carnelian discs and irregular turquoise beads. They are held together with sterling wire that was heat beaded at one end.

The sterling ear wires hold turquoise Swarovsky crystals, for that little bit of sparkle.

12-018 Sterling Chain with Sterling Free Float Ball

This is not my typical offering, but it seemed such a perfect and simple pairing that I could not resist.

An 18" oxidized round box sterling chain is the suspension for this wonky bead.

It's simplicity and uniqueness is such an inspiration to me that I am considering keeping it for myself.


12-017 Sterling Amber Earrings

The perfect pair of earrings! Each one is unique.
This pair of earrings is UPCYCLED from found sterling silver sugar spoons. Each earring has wonderful sterling leaves and fabulous bezel set amber cabochons. Even though each cab is the same size as the other, one is slightly darker.

The different leaf pattern, along with the different colors make this pair fun. Another pair of sisters, but not identical twins! Just like life.

12-016 Green Copper Earrings

Stunning white and apple green agates are flanked by hand made wavey copper discs. Apple green colored turpuoise stones are held in place beneath the agates with copper swirls.

The color of the stones makes this pair of earrings quite distinct.