Wednesday, June 29, 2011

11-0063 Argentium Apostrophe Earrings

Anybody who know me knows how anal I am about grammar and punctuation.

I have always threatened to gather all of the apostrophes in the world and ration them out to those who use them correctly. HA!

Here, I have gathered, or rather, created, 4 little argentium apostrophes to dangle from your ears. They were then hammered and punctuated with random little periods (dots). From each set is the most exquisite little pale green onion cut high quality zircon.

Worn in a pair, they can also be used to replace the dreaded "finger quotes".....HA again!

Each apostrophe is 1" long, making each earring hang about 2.5" from the piercing.

$75.00 cdn includes gst but not shipping/handling

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