Sunday, February 12, 2012

12-002 Hinged Spoon Pendant

A sterling silver spoon has been recycled into a funky pendant.

The handle that has a picture of a water fall stamped into it was heated and forged to create a bale through which a chain can be strung.

The handle was removed and reattached with an oval soldered loop.

Then, the spoon cup was flattened and embellished with a handmade hinge, 3 lapis bezel set cabochons and hammered scroll work.

Guess it is a pretty useless spoon now!

12-003 Large Snowflake

 A snowflake..........
This snowflake.
Three sterling silver snowflake outlines were pieced together and soldered onto a bronze place.
Six handmade silver rivets were strategically riveted into place, and snowflake details were pierced into the bronze place.
Four handmade silver prongs were imbedded and soldered into place to hold the fabulous agate druzy.
A hammered recycled spoon handle was heated and forged into a bail.

 Measures 2" x 2"

12-001 Argentium Bubble Cuff Bracelet

This is a small fitting cuff made from recycled argentium. Some of the bubbles are complete, but some have collapsed............think biting into "silver AERO Milk".

This is a very organic and irregular piece.

Price $99.52 includes gst but not shipping