Monday, July 4, 2011

SSH161 - Recycled Sterling Collar

Every once in a while I find a piece at a flea market that I want to tackle. Enter this sterling silver collar.
They used to be popular, and were always stylish. The problem with them was that they always broke due to the owner opening and closing them to put them on and off.

To prevent that from happening, I took this "found" sterling silver collar and forged the ends into outward curves. A chain was attached to one curve with a handmade rivet with an eye. At the end of the chain I attached a hand made bar. A hand made toggle is attached to the opposite curve with a similar rivet and eye. Little gobs of rose gold alloy were flattened, sanded, and randomly soldered on to the collar, just because ;)

This design allows the piece to be worn as a collar without the unnecessary opening and closing of the collar itself, which causes weak spots and eventually breakages.

Cost $75.00 includes gst but not shipping/handling

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