Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sterling Silver Helm Chain

9" argentium chain maille bracelet with big sterling figure 8 clasp.
Chain maille is not normally forged or fused, but I did both to this piece, giving it a really slick look. Can be made smaller.

Sterling Silver Chain Maille Bracelet

7.5" Sterling silver chain maille bracelet
$75.00 cdn

Ball Rivet Bracelet

8" sterling silver bracelet using ball rivets and links. This was quite difficult and time consuming to make, but turned out well.

$90.00 cdn

10-001 Argentium Giggle Necklace

This time consuming little necklace is completely hand made, except for the little, inconspicuous lobster claw.
Each link was sawn, fused, formed, sanded and forged by hand.
16.5 "

$125.00 cdn

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

11-0065 Drusy in Sterling Pendant

 This is an organically shaped pendant with a very deep bezel setting holding a royal blue drusy.
The top picture is of the front, and the bottom is of the back.
It is suspended off an opaque rubber cord. Wear it as is, or replace the cord with your favorite chain.

It measures about 2" long x 1.5" wide
cost $55.00 cdn includes gst but not shipping/handling


Shell and Silver Necklace

Green cab bezel set in sterling silver and flanked by sterling beads and little coin shaped shells. Each shell is strung with the precious pearl method....on a silk cord with a knot between to coordinate with the stone.

17.5" long

$55.00 cdn

Luka's Mouse

Silly little mouse made from recycled silver spoon. Tail (spoon handle) was split, extended, and twirled to make the little creature float around a blue rubber neck wire. Nose is a little pink cat's eye glass stone.

This item was a gift for a sweet little girl!