Monday, April 30, 2012

12-011 Sterling Winter Twig Necklace

A walk through the bush in the frosty winter mornings with my sweet dog Chica uncovered natural beauty that I would have otherwise missed.

Grey winter branches, white with frost, withered and frozen berries, shimmering ice crystals...........these were the inspirations for this necklace.

A generous piece of recycled sterling is adorned with forged silver and beaded "twigs".  Various shades of pink and purple represent summer berries, frozen and hanging on, waiting for birds to pluck them. Ice crystals of opaline glass are sprinkled along the branches with the berries.

The whole piece is completed with a base metal large loop chain that is easy to wear. Its simplicity compliments the motion and chaoticness of the branches. A beaded toggle loops through an end of the main branch, securing it around the wearer's neck.

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