Sunday, January 29, 2012

Set a Toonie

Why? you might ask......well, a customer came to me with a request to set a special coin for her. So I set about the task and this is the test piece. My first claw setting! Because the coin is large and heavy, the setting is a thick piece of bronze with four thick claws. The claws were soldered into holes drilled into the base to give them the strength necessary to embrace the coin. The customer wanted the edge of the coin to be visible as it had a beautiful design stamped into it. Then I hand made a bail befitting the setting, allowing for a large chain or rope of the customer's choosing to complete the look.             

This is my toonie set in bronze! I am really pleased with the result.
So much so that I have decided to sell this piece. It is a very stunning pendant with the bronze shining like gold.

Price $35.00 CDN includes gst but not

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